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GEOX & Dallas Clayton Pop-Up

Event: GEOX ‘Let Your Imagination Breathe’

Venue: GOEX Oxford Street

Client: APR Communications

We created some set pieces and miniature furniture for GEOX, the global shoe and apparel brand, when they teamed up with children’s author Dallas Claytonto create a pop-up creative space to bring the book, ‘Gerald’s Missing Shoe’ to life.

We worked with the event designers APR Communications to create a set, featuring a child sized cupboard and giant cut outs of the characters in the book and a handmade fridge where Gerald’s missing shoe appeared at the end of the story. Each set piece was individually designed by the team, made from timber and then painted in bright colours to match the items Gerald encounters in the book. The characters were printed and cut out by our new CNC machine and installed in the windows as well as around the reading area for maximum effect.

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