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Event: Tower of Babel

Venue: Victoria & Albert Museum

Client: Barnaby Barford

We worked alongside artist Barnaby Barford to create the Tower of Babel, a sculpture of 3,000 porcelain shops, standing 6.5m high in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Barnaby took thousands of photos of London’s shops, which were then made into beautifully handmade fine bone china artworks and erected as a huge tower with derelict shops and pound stores at the base, and some of the city’s most exclusive shop fronts at the top.

We worked with the artist to create the infrastructure to house these beautiful stores, building a wooden structure to form the core of the tower, covered in mesh and then sprayed with foam which was then carved into the required shape. This was then delivered in 6 pieces to the artist’s studio for each store to be applied in exact positions, to create the sculpture of London streets rising into the roof of the Victoria & Albert Museum.

We  oversaw the transport of the finished structure to site, brought into the hall in 6 pieces and then lifted carefully into place with super lifts. The project took over 12 months to plan and design and was erected into place over 2 days in the museum, amongst the priceless medieval and renaissance sculptures already in place in the venue.

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