Social Media Code of Conduct

    At True Staging we are proud of the incredible projects we have the privilege to be involved in and the work that we do.  As with most businesses, social media has become a powerful tool for us to showcase our work and potentially help us to win new business; it is therefore important for us to post our projects online.  We however understand our responsibility to our clients and the position they hold with the brands they work with.   We want to ensure that our content benefits all parties and therefore we have created a code of conduct for all our social media posts.

    • We will always tag our clients official social media handles in all posts relating to their projects.   We want to make them look good! 
    • We will tag the end-user brand when it’s relevant.  We are of course happy to leave them off the post if our clients would rather.
    • We will only share positive, great quality photos and video.  We always show the project, and everyone involved, in the best light.
    • We will give credit to other key suppliers on our posts if relevant.  We will never take credit for someone else’s work. 
    • We are happy to share any content that we have with our clients so that they can use on their own channels if they wish.
    • We will always respect an embargo and will make sure our posts are scheduled after the public launch, unless specifically agreed in advance.
    • At times we may also use photos of the projects on our website, in our creds presentations and very occasionally in trade release.
    • All our employees are issued with a strict social media policy, restricting any unofficial photos.  It is available on request.

    We are here to make you look good, so please let us know if there is something you think we should be sharing on our social media channels.   Feel free to get in touch with us anytime –