At True we combine the very best craftspeople, a passion for creativity and a state-of-the-art production facility to create stunning sets and brand environments.

With machinery and spray booths complementing our high-spec manufacturing facility, our team has a decade of experience in making props, event furniture, sets, staging or bespoke creations.

At True we talk about two events – the one in the workshop and the one on site. With 20,000sqft of space at our HQ we can fully test all your build requirements, allowing you to see your concept as a reality prior to being installed at the event venue.

Our designers and craftspeople are the best in the business and we continually invest in our premises to ensure our work is of the highest quality. For long-term clients we hold a huge store of event elements which, where possible, we reuse in events infrastructure.

We see ourselves as a delivery partner, dovetailing with your team and being as aware as we possibly can of the other event elements to fully integrate with them.

So as well as providing second-to-none expertise in event construction, everyone in the True team is trained to understand technical production. This unique approach means we arrive on site with a clear understanding of every aspect of the event.

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Build and Installation

We employ a multi-talented team of carpenters, scenic artists, metalworkers and electricians; each of them an expert in their own discipline.

Close management is at the heart of our work and our ops team are fastidious when it comes to looking at the schedule of the build, while our construction team works with your project manager ensuring quality and timing.

Our install team are the final piece of the jigsaw, led by you and, if needed, an on-site crew chief allocated by us to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Design and Drafting

Our industrial designers are key, drawing up exactly what is needed in the workshop for each project using digital machinery and tried-and-tested handcrafted trades covering every little detail.

Our designers take your sketches – however basic – off the page and interpret and understand them, giving you in return a detailed plan and construction method.

Our aim is to hone your design into the best possible product that will not only be attention-grabbing but in most cases be used again and again.

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At True, we are privileged to work with our fantastic clients behind the scenes on some of the world’s largest events.

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