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Armani City Frames props and set

Event: Giorgio Armani’s Films of City Frames dinner and screening

Venue: 3 Olaf Street

Client: OBO London

We worked with OBO London to produce a set for this event, an exclusive dinner hosted by both Dame Mirren and Roberta Armani held at 3 Olaf Street in West London. The dinner celebrated Giorgio Armani’s second edition of theFilms of City Frames initiative.

We created a set of giant clapper boards made from timber and then painted, which appeared throughout the venue as scenic additions and a huge entrance piece.

The main dinner venue featured individual clapper boards, dedicated to each of the films besides giant cut outs of spectacles. The room was then installed with projectors and speakers which were hidden within giant white columns produced by our team, positioned behind the diners. The films were projected over the giant spectacles, as a backdrop to showcase that each of the works by the young film-makers had been shot through the eyes of the spectacle wearer.

For this event we also created tw0 14m long tables in folded black gloss di-bond running down the centre of the room.

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