Event: Champions League Final

Client: Iris Worldwide

Venue: The Base – Uferhallen, Berlin

We worked with client Iris Worldwide to design and construct three Instagram booths for the Champions League Final at the Adidas Base in Berlin. Built in our workshops in the UK and collected and shipped to Berlin by the client, the booths used lots of LED lighting and reflective materials in order to reproduce the client’s rendered images.

The True team was headed by James Trevers and Robert Green for this particular build, with Robert overseeing the design of the booths and dressing the ‘sideways room’ and with James managing the construction in our workshop. In the ‘sideways room’, the decorative t-shirts were soaked in a special glue to stiffen them, ensuring that when they were hung on the ceiling they didn’t sag and looked as if they were on a wall hanging normally and not actually hanging from the ceiling.

This job was particularly important as it garnered a lot of exposure on social media due to its affiliation with a global sports brand, Adidas.
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