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Social responsibility

True Staging embraces its responsibility to people and to the environment. The management act responsibly and provide clear organisational leadership at all times. In order to lead in sustainability and environmental good practice, True Staging carry out a systematic approach to environmental management, and encourage and support everyone involved with the activities of their organisation to use sustainable solutions.

Environmental policy statement

True Staging are committed to ensuring their clients achieve creative solutions that set the scene whilst minimising impact on the environment. True Staging are passionate about their partnerships and their people. They aim for perfection and undertake every project to the best of their abilities, integrating sustainability and environmental good practice into all their activities.

Key areas where attention can be focused are:

  • Procurement of goods including the selection of materials, suppliers and services.
  • Minimisation of waste including reuse, recycling, reclaiming and the reduction of general waste.
  • Efficient use of energy and transportation.
  • Raising environmental awareness of staff, suppliers, clients and stakeholders.

To achieve these objectives, we will:

  • Adopt best practice and assist, where possible, in developing innovative solutions to the environmental issues facing our organisation.
  • Recognise compliance with relevant environmental legislation as a minimum level of performance.
  • Encourage awareness of, and commitment to, improved environmental performance amongst staff, suppliers, clients and stakeholders.
  • Raise awareness and promote ethical and fair trade practices.
  • Minimise travel and transportation and wherever possible use local suppliers and services.
  • Promote recycling/re-using of resources and minimise the amount of waste produced by True Staging activities by means of effective waste management procedures.
  • Dispose of unavoidable waste in such a way as to have minimum impact on the environment.
  • Wherever possible use electronic communication to minimise the use of paper and printing.
  • When necessary use paper from sustainable forests and environmentally friendly inks and printing processes.
  • Cut the amount of energy consumed by using energy-saving measures and wherever possible use renewable energy sources.
  • Wherever practicable, use products from sustainable sources, products made from recycled materials or designed to be easy to re-use or recycle.
  • Participate in discussions about environmental issues.

Responsibility for environmental policy rests with True Staging Director Chad Higgins. True Staging reviews its own operating procedures and this policy will be monitored and reviewed to extend its application to any area where policy can be applied.

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